Broken Forest


I love leading workshops! And I love piecing them together. Connecting people with plants and encouraging their creative expression is what I am here for.

Below is a list of the workshops I’ve done in the past and general stuff I am in to:

The New Perennial Prairie is an exploratory journey through the basic tenets of New Perennial design as demonstrated by Piet Oudolf, Sarah Price, et al. In keeping with the tenets, we talk about our native prairie plants that are most often used in design or offering the most potential for future design.

Sacred Geometry Gardening involves intuitively reading the lay of the land, dowsing, and incorporating sacred geometry into garden design – think labyrinths, pentagrams, hexagons, even pyramids! There’s some real nutters out there who believe a Fibonacci spiral garden bed will infuse plants with ultra powerful healing and transformational vibes. I am one of them.

Botanical Labyrinths are primarily used for meditation, but also incorporate healing plants which guide you on your journey. Selecting a style of labyrinth, planning the site, and building it out of special materials are all very exciting things for me.

Xeriscaping is low-water landscape design – one that selects plants with high drought-tolerance, collects rainwater, creates irrigation channels, and altogether celebrates a landscape that doesn’t need supplemental water to thrive.

Compostable Wreathery: the act of making a wreath with little or zero reliance on preservatives, wire or glue. We let the willow frame decide what goes where, and weave a more intuitive wheel of fortune and abundance to adorn our abode with. Wreathery can be done in all seasons, but fall is probably my favourite (dried floral supplies are provided, but I generally need at least three months notice to collect extra materials).

Gifted Gardens: Do you know of a public space where healing takes place that needs some perennial plants? I install Gifted Gardens where people need them most, free of charge, with donated perennials, trees and shrubs from my nursery and gardens, and from other gardeners and nurseries in the area. The first was installed at the Crisis Recovery Unit in Steinbach, MB. and the next is…? Maybe you know of a spot. This is a collaborative and community effort, and I will do everything I can to help.

Collaborations: From time to time I will have other folks over to Broken Forest to host workshops and give talks. It’s a high vibrational property where snakes and salamanders roam, eagles and falcons fly overhead, and some of the purest, most delicious water in the world (really though) gushes from the ground at 80 litres a minute. This is where the ground is made of white sand, there is plenty of Crown Land across the street to explore – with two swimming holes to chose from – and all the wonders of the Sandilands Provincial Forest is only ten minutes down the road. We are currently under construction, however, and I am not giving tours or hosting workshops here in 2018.