Broken Forest

Re: Scoggan Observation

A kind and considerate person by the name of Colin Briggs (Emeritus Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba, Colin is a specialist in pharmacognosy: the study of drugs of natural origin) gave me a copy of Flora of Manitoba by H. J. Scoggan, it was published in 1957 by the Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources. Scoggan Flora Manitoba

This is a book of immeasurable meaning and worth to any Manitoban, but especially those interested in native prairie plants. Its 619 delicate pages record every plant noted growing in Manitoba and when it was first found (first found by Europeans, that is).

Colin tells me he once searched for certain species and found it growing within easy distance of the original siting, which was dated about 1900. 

In my posts on native species I will refer to the Scoggan Observation, which is my way of sharing Colin’s gift with everyone, and satisfying those of us who like to know such nerdy and neat details. 

Some of Colin’s writing can be found in recent editions of The Prairie Gardena non-profit, annual digest for gardeners on the prairies.